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Madimack Opens Sydney’s Most Sophisticated Complete Energy Bill Saving Solution Centre for Building Industry Madimack, Sydney’s No.1 green energy efficiency choice, has confirmed that it has officially opened the most advanced new Solution Centre of its kind aimed at directing builders towards the future of heating and cooling. Working with the finest technology available from cutting-edge global industry giants such as, Tesla Motors battery storage, LG Electronics solar capabilities, Rehau Corporation underfloor heating products and Ness Corporation automation and security features, Madimack has positioned itself as a leading light at the end of the tunnel for consumers burdened by the huge rise in traditional energy costs. Madimack is working with builders, residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors, as well as child and aged care facilities to deliver the best HVAC options available today. Specialising in super-affordable heat pumps with the peace of mind of a 4-year warranty when purchased and installed in Australia, a jewel in the crown in the arsenal is the Trinity Multifunction system combining the benefits of heating, cooling and hot water. In addition, heat pumps...

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Our wide range of Commercial products will provide you with the best solution.

Our wide range of commercial products will provide you with the best possible solution. AGED CARE • CHILD CARE • RETAIL • MULTI RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL Because we know that not every job is the same, we also offer a wide range of options which our design engineers can tailor to suit your project. The combination of skill, experience and ongoing research allows Madimack to design and deliver HVAC to maximise the ROI and minimise running costs for the end user. Madimack offers a complete range of HVAC services from advisory, construction through to maintenance. Contact the Madimack design team to discuss your next project....

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Air Conditioning Comfort benefits you won’t believe! Call us for an appointment and quote! Madimack ph: 02 90076457

FEATURES Heating, Cooling And Hot Water Heating Capacity: 8.1~93Kw Working Temperature Range -10 ̊C To 45 ̊C LCD Display Controller Multiple Protection And Query Features Easy Installation Copeland Scroll Compressor Electric Heater Back Up Cascading Operation Panel Anti Freeze Timer Functions SPECIFICATION CGK/C-9(T) CGK/C-12(T) GY/C-18 Power Supply 220V-240 / 50 Hz / 1 ph 220V-240 / 50 Hz / 1 ph 220V-240 / 50 Hz / 1 ph Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A Heating Capacity 9 kW 13 kW 16 kW Input Power 2.2 kW 3.2 kW 3.9 kW Cop 4.09 4.06 4.10 Cooling Capacity 6.3 kW 9 kW 10.8 kW Input Power 2.05 kW 2.95 kW 3.55 kW EER 3.07 3.05 3.04 Fan Motor Power 90 W 90 W 90 W Fan Motor Quantity 2 2 2 Water Pressure Drop ≤ 30 KpaW ≤ 35 Kpa ≤ 40 KpaW Net Weight 150kg 150kg 160kg Gross Weight 160kg 160kg 170kg Noise 50 Db 50 Db 60 Db Classification of Waterproof IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 Dimension 1110x490x1260 1110x490x1260 1110x490x1260 INSTALLATION DIAGRAMx GET QUOTE TRINITY MULTIFUNCTION HEAT PUMP Name Email Phone Number Postcode...

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Madimack pool heating Effecient, quick and hot! Call us for an appointment and quote! Madimack ph: 02 90076457

FEATURES Can be cheaper than the rest as Costs As Little As $1 A Day To Run! Can be used for Swimming Pool & Spa Heating Can be Hotter than the rest with a Max Water Temperature 40 ℃! Working Temperature Range -10 ℃ To 45 ℃ Typically 2 technicians ½ day = Easy Installation! Heating Capacity: Small, Medium & large pools Set & forget easy Timer Functions Click here to see how madimack compares to the rest SPECIFICATIONS CGY/C-12 GY/C-18 Rated Input Power 1.63 kW 2.8 kW Heating Capacity 10.01 kW 17 kW Rated Current 8 A 14.7 A COP 6.14 6.07 Max Outlet Water Temp 40 40 Pool Constant Water Temp 28 28 Water Flow 3 5.1 Water Pressure Drop 70 >70 Level of Protection IPX4 IPX4 Net Weight 90 Kg 145 Kg Gross Weight 96 Kg 155 Kg Noise 50 Db 60 Db Pipe Size 50 mm 50 mm INSTALLATION DIAGRAM GET QUOTE POOL HEATER HEAT PUMP Name Email Phone Number Post Code Size of your pool  Under 25,000L 25,000L to 35,000L 35,000L to 45,000 45,000L to 55,000L 55,000L &...

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Madimack trade discount special!

At Madimack we love your energy & want you to keep it, Free project proposal! Phone now: 02 9007 6457

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My Wife and I used these guys for our pool heating. Richard took time to explain how the system works and how cheaper it is rather than using GAS. Not alone that but their price measures up too.Thanks again Madimack we are now seeing the rewards.
John Fallon
The hydronic
The hydronic fan coil system powered by their Madimack multifunction heat pump has exceeded our expectations not only for the athletes comfort, but more importantly our running costs have been slashed. We went from paying over $2500.00 per month to under $700. I can not speak highly enough of this system!
JamesPure Performance Golf Labs
In essence the Madimack replaced what was going to be three different appliances. The benefits of an all in one system to service our hot water, air conditioning and under floor heating definitely had benefits through the building process but recently after receiving our power bill has proven the real benefits are still to come. Have already recommended these guys to a girlfriend who is just about to build.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used to provide heating because less high-grade energy is required for their operation than appears in the released heat. Most of the energy for heating comes from the external environment, and only a fraction comes from electricity (or some other high-grade energy source required to run a compressor). In electricity powered heat pumps, the heat transferred can be three or four times larger than the electrical power consumed, giving the system a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3 or 4, as opposed to a COP of 1 for a conventional electrical resistance heater, in which all heat is produced from input electrical energy.

Sweden is Leading the Charge

The heat pump has had a remarkable development in Sweden over the last few decades. Sweden is today number one in terms of heat pump penetration per capita. In addition, the Swedish heat pump industry has an annual turnover of € 700-700 million. Smaller size heat pumps for residential heating have had the largest impact on the Swedish market. More than half of all detached houses have a heat pump installed. Swedish heat pumps – in total – supply 30TWh of heat annually (2013), which is three times as much energy compared to wind power (Swedish wind power 2013 produced a record of 10TWh).

Source: http://cleantechfunding.org/

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